ArtcyLucy and her studio

Hi there!


I am so pleased you joined me here! My name is Lucy. Actually, it’s my nickname!

My dad gave me that name when I was a kid, around the time I learned to draw and paint. So, I thought it was appropriate to name my art website and Etsy shop, ArtcyLucy.


You may also know me by my given name, which is Roberta. It’s such a serious name for a girl who just wants to be that little girl again, and just paint and draw. So, when I am in my art space, I love being LUCY!

Let me tell you little about me, and my love for art.  I decided I loved drawing as a kid, and yet when I grew up, I hardly spent any time on my art. Decades later, art found me again. And since 2006, it has been a part of my daily life. I started out slowly, making small art cards called ATCs, or Artist Trading Cards.

Collage was my art medium of choice, and I had so much fun with that! I quickly moved on to larger collages, mixed media, and assemblage, which is 3D art. I used a lot of found items mixed with new finds, to make interesting art. Or I would repurpose something that was discarded, to create something new and different.

Around 2008, I was taking an online painting class, and decided I really wanted to pursue my love of painting with acrylics. My subject of choice, is portrait painting. But sometimes you will find me painting sunflowers, or even hummingbirds!

This year, I will be offering online classes…my first ever! I am so excited to travel this new art road with you!

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