What are Quirky Characters?

This has been SUCH an awesome week for me, and I hope it has for you too!

I have received some beautiful comments from fellow artists and those new to art, who want to join me for my very first online class, and I cannot be happier about that! I am humbled and grateful for the response!

I have been asked this week, how I arrived at these characters. Like with all things art related, it was a gradual process really, getting myself familiar with art materials, and then probably the most important thing…PRACTICE!

  I have taken quite a few drawing and painting classes throughout the last decade, and they have all encouraged me to take whatever time I could …to practice.

And so, when these characters emerged from my journal play at the end of last year, it came from pure practice. And I don’t mean brow furrowing, sweat inducing, practice. I mean, relaxed practice. This may be too much info…but these started with sofa sketches, in my jammies, late at night. When I had a few moments to just let myself calm from a hectic day, and relax with a few art materials.

Yes, comfortable relaxed practice. 


I took my pencil, blending stump, eraser, and a journal, and just let the graphite wander.

I very often, come from a place of “what if?” 


And so, Quirky Characters were born.

They started off a bit…rough, but I didn’t care. It was play, after all.  Soon, I hit my stride and let the swirls and shadows appear.

I hope you will join me for this class. If you want a chance to relax into a drawing practice, you will find encouragement here.


It has nothing to do with perfection, but the joy that can come from relaxed practice.


Early bird registration is available until July 20th, 2018, and for $32, you get 4 1/2 hours of videos, step by step instructions on how to get your pencil moving on paper. And we will have a genuine art community set up, so we can all share our work and encourage each other.


Once you get comfortable with pencil sketching, we move on to a few more materials, to change things up a bit! 


I am really looking forward to seeing everyone’s drawing styles emerge! I want all the “players” in this class, to just have fun, and find their own quirky characters emerging from their journals. I do hope you will join us! More information on the class can be found here on my blog, as well as details about getting your name into a drawing, to win original art from me, class supplies, and more!


Or you can head straight to Jeanne Oliver’s Network, and get information there for Quirky Characters!

If you have any questions about the class itself, or the supply list, please feel free to leave me a comment here, or you can email me at ArtcyLucy@aol.com



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