Three Chances to Win!!!

I am excited to show you the quirky goodness packages I am gathering for prizes…it’s for the Quirky Characters class contest! Names will be drawn at midnight on July 15th.

There are three chances to win. 

In each adorable package, there will be an original quirky character drawn by me, an enhanced print of one of my characters, a new magazine I created called Pencil Play, that is full of my quirky graphite drawings, a new sketchbook for class, as well as one of my favorite mechanical pencils. For a chance to win, just share about my upcoming Quirky Characters class on your Instagram feed, or Facebook page, or your blog, and then let me know where you shared. Winners will be shared here on my FB page on July 16th! Yay!!! 

Have you signed up yet???

It’s going to be so much fun…no stress, we are just playing with simple art materials, to make quirky and fun faces. You are going to LOVE it, I promise!

Early bird registration ends on July 20th, class starts August 20th (I am just giddy with excitement!)








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