Celebration of Students’ Work!

This is our second week of Quirky Characters class! And I want to give a HUGE heartfelt thank you to my beautiful students!

Oh, how I am LOVING this class! Such a privilege to be teaching these students, and to see how they are soaking up the QUIRKY LOVE! While I have taken many online classes as a student, this is my very first time teaching…and I didn’t really know what to expect. But I am LOVING this so much, and my fellow classmates are just a JOY to be with! Take a look at some of the awesome work coming out of this class! It’s not to late to join in the FUN!

Here is the link for more information on Jeanne Oliver’s Art Network. BIG hugs to Jeanne Oliver, for this opportunity to teach on her network. I have taken so many of the classes on her site, and it has helped me grow so much as an artist!

We would LOVE to have you join us!

Special thanks to all my students for sharing their work! Anja Andreson Waage, Ann-Marie McIntire, Barbara Bickers Marsh, Bev Victory, Bonnie MacInnes Daniels, Catherine Harrer Kanvik, Ce Duff, Colleen Sullivan Blake, Cynthia Baron Holdorf, Debra Lydoff Valoff, Dheera Kitchlu, Dina Tabbert, Donna Martin Lyon, Eleni Gemeni, Elisabetta Monnini, Elizabeth Helwig, Eva Ucgatwork, Fiona Harvey, Gail Brule, Geraldine Deleuze, Greta Ann Stratman, Jan Crittenden, Jane Martin, Jeanie Dickinson, Jeanne Melanson, Jenny Manno, Jessica Black, Jill Kuhn, Joanna Kelly, JoTee Shields, Jude Decker, Julia Howard, Julie Campbell, Julie Johnson, Karin Ketterson Robinson, Laurie May, Lisa Anne Noneman, Lisbeth Kelsey, Loretta Waldron, Maggie Crawford, Marrianna Dougherty, Marybeth Kelly Ermmarino, Michelle Lansdale, Minerva Peyton, Nancy Quarnberg, Pamela Gillespie, Pascale Etheart Arty, Patti Sandham, Patty Lopez-Hand, Phyllis Tiernan, Randi Kuhne, Robin Gookins, Sally Van Nuys, Sandra Inwards, Sharon Holmburg, Shayne Sims, Sheila Rumney, Stephani Gorman, Suzanne Schielke, Traci Oliver Becker, Vicky Brison, Wendy Ramos.

8 thoughts on “Celebration of Students’ Work!”

  1. <3 this class, love this video, thank you for sharing. A make you feel good everyday "quirky class" to be enjoyed by one and all.

    1. I am SO thrilled you are loving this class, Jody! It has been so fun! Thank you for sharing your art with us!

  2. Love your video and seeing everyone’s QUIRKY style!! 😃 I am having such a fun time in your class! You are an awesome teacher and my classmates drawings are so inspiring! ❤️

    1. Hi Jill! I am so happy you are in class, I have enjoyed seeing all of your work, and Love your enthusiasm! It has been so much fun for me to be a part of this! Thank you!

  3. Hi Lucy, I am in the class and loving it. I have not poste any of my drawings because I was bit intimidated at my novice approach. But after looking at this video I am so encouraged! These quirky characters bring a smile to my face and I love seeing everyone’s creativity. We are all learners together! Thank you for leading us forward with this encouraging and sweet video!

    1. Alma, thank you for joining the class! I do hope you will join FB group soon, because there are artists of all different levels in this class, from ones who had never picked up a pencil to draw before, to ones who have been drawing for years! We are all sharing, and it is such an enthusiastic and loving group of artists. Please join us!!!

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