Let’s Face It 2019!!!!

I am just SO excited to announce that not only will I be joining LET’S FACE IT 2019 as a student, but also as a TEACHER!!! How cool is that? The line up this year is going to be so awesome, and I am ecstatic that I will be a part of this too!

Registration opens on October 8th, 2018 but I will be having a little blog party and giveaway soon, so check back on September 12th, for more info on how to win a free spot in LET’S FACE IT 2019!

Can you tell I am excited??? I AM!!!

LFI Registration Opens Oct 8

There is an amazing LINE UP of teachers this year!

Click on the image above, to learn more about the line up for 2019!

And then on October 8th, I would be so grateful if you could come back here and join the class from my blog!


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  1. Thought I left a reply…. maybe not. I shared on facebook and Pinterest, liked your page, and something else, I can’t remember what now…. one of those days! Anyway, thanks for the opportunity!

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