It’s all about van Gogh!

We are having such an excellent time over on the Let’s Face It 2019 group! Our 50 week class started earlier this month, and my mini lesson for Week 3 started yesterday! It is called, “A Thousand van Goghs”, and it is all about having fun with pen and colored pencils, learning how to let go of perfection, draw a 3/4 view face, and a masculine one! I am always inspired by van Gogh, and especially his self-portraits. I am loving the work the students are producing!

Now that class has started, I can show you all my van Gogh portraits, drawn mostly in my brown kraft paper journal. But I use anything I have available! When is the last time you have used the colored pencils in your art stash???

For more information about the Let’s Face It 2019 class, click on this link to the class page. I hope you can join us!

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