Quirky Portraits Sale

Hello my friends! I am coming to you today, to share something personal with you. I don’t often talk too much about family stuff here, but it’s necessary today.

My sweet sister, has been renting the same home for 35 years. Her landlord is now going to sell the home…in a few months time. Buying it is not an option for her and her husband. This has weighed on our hearts since the day we heard. 

Sometimes, things come together…in an impossible situation. My husband and I are trying to buy that house, so they don’t have to leave. We are almost there, with most of the down payment and fees. I wondered how else I could help achieve our goal? It’s so very hard to ask for help. The only thing I can offer…are my hands and my heart. 

What I can share are my Quirky Portraits series of paintings that I started last year.

So…on Friday, April 12th, I am going to release all 22 of them for purchase. Maybe they will bring happiness and love to your home and family, while saving another home and family. 

With each painting, will come a thank you note, and a hand drawn small portrait too. Each 9 x 12 inch portrait is acrylic on canvas board. Each will be $98, and that will include free US shipping. For international shipping, I will need to calculate the cost for you.

I would be so grateful if you saved the date for this, and shared it. I will be posting a preview of them in my IG stories @artcylucystudio and here as well in the next day or two.  And will post all the paintings here that day…April 12th, as well as on my FB page (Lucy Cooke)

Thank you so much! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me at ArtcyLucyStudio@gmail.com

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