Addicted to Drawing

There are days when I am not sure which I love more…acrylic painting, or drawing with graphite or ink pen. While I can’t paint every day, I CAN sit for a few minutes daily, to draw a face or two.

Earlier this year, I taught a mini lesson on Let’s Face It 2019, all about being inspired by van Gogh’s self portraits. I had such fun learning from him, translating his paintings into line drawings, with splashes of color with colored pencil. 

I am excited to say, that eleven of those original pen and colored pencil portraits are now available online, in my ArtcyLucy Etsy shop.

Processed with MOLDIV



There are actually 34 original drawings now available in my shop, from pen, to graphite, to colored pencil and watercolor portraits. Maybe you will find one you love. 

Practicing the art of drawing every day, has SO many benefits. For one, it calms me after a long and crazy day. Secondly, it helps my portrait painting, because I am so used to drawing facial features. And lastly, it has helped me to loosen up and experiment with styles and materials. Now, I can’t go a day without at least ONE drawing!









Do you have a daily drawing practice???

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