Patiently Waiting

Being an artist, means that creativity ebbs and flows. And sometimes life throws you a curveball or two, and you lose your momentum. Has that happened to you too?

At the moment, I am in a good painting place…carving out time to paint a couple times a week, and finishing projects I started months ago. This sweet girl, was started in March, and was completed this month. 


Is it any wonder that I titled her, “Patiently Waiting”?  I knew when the first marks of acrylic paint went down, that she was going to be special. And I couldn’t wait to get back to complete her. There’s collage here, and some stencil play too. It wasn’t until that dreamy aqua green went down, that I realized I could call her … complete! 


You will find her in my Etsy shop, ArtcyLucy. 

I have another completed portrait painting, one ready for varnish, and one cityscape on the easel right now. What are you working on?


“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” Pablo Picasso

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