One More Day!


Only one more day until this class is OPEN! I can’t believe it! It started out as a love for all things expressive, after my visit to Vienna. I saw Egon Schiele’s work, and I wanted to add some of that looseness, rawness, honesty, to my drawn portraits, and eventually to my paintings. So, I worked at it, whenever I could…and I did A LOT of drawing, and a lot of experimenting with mediums too.

And then…the idea sparked! I am loving this so much, I want others to love it too! And that was the spark that ignited the class. Just pure LOVE. Isn’t that a great motivator for anything???

I hope you will join me for this class. There’s over 8 hours of videos, and we get to talk about and practice the art of looseness, of expressiveness. We will add dashes of lines and color… all with a spirit of curiosity…with that wonderful way of asking “what if…?”

Beautiful and honest art can come from saying those two words!!!

You can find the class information on Kara Bullock’s Art School website. Class opens August 21st!!!


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