Etsy Update…new stitched pieces and jewelry!

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I am so excited to share these new pieces for my Etsy update happening tomorrow! Friday, February 14th, 2020…at 12pm California time.

These pieces are part of my “Collecting Stitches” series of hand made sewn projects. It started as a class with Jeanne-Marie Webb, called Painting with Threads. And then a class with Charlotte Lyons, when she introduced me to Kantha quilts made in India, and that lead me to Ellie Beck and her free slow stitching class…and I was on a roll! Once I started, I couldn’t stop (still can’t!).

Honestly, this sewing project came on at a time when I really needed it. 2019 was such a challenging year for me, in so many ways. So, when this kind of intuitive hand stitching found its way to me…it was JUST what I needed. It was a bit of a calm distraction for me, when other heavier things in life were taking place.

To even be SEWING, is HUGE for me…as I almost flunked out on sewing class in Home Ec in junior high…I remember being awful at it! I also have an aversion to sewing machines!   So, this kind of sewing, by hand…slowly, imperfectly…wonky…creative…it’s just what I needed!  I hand sewed all of these little “tapestries” onto a variety of canvas bags, from small 6 x 9 inch zippered pouches, to drawstring bags, just the perfect size for a journal or iPad, to a larger, thicker canvas bag with inner pocket.  You will find all of these in my shop, starting 12pm, California time, in my Etsy shop, ArtcyLucy.












Along with the slow stitching projects, you will find a new batch of art necklaces in the shop…I haven’t had any in the Etsy shop for two years! These are little jewelry pieces made from drawings of mine, and also sold paintings. I hope you love them!

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You will also find lots of paintings and drawings in the online art shop too! I hope you find something you love! In the meantime, I am back in front of the easel painting, after taking a six week break. So happy to be back at it again, and hope to show you those soon!

Hope you are having a beautiful and creative day!

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