Are you curious???

My third online course is up for early registration, it’s called The Curious Artist…because…well, that’s me! My art journey came around when I was nearly 40 years old, and when I saw the phrase Mixed Media on a gallery wall, I wanted to know…what is that??? Mixed Media??? Is that really a thing? Oh, yes, it was…and IS. And that sent me down a rabbit hole of fun artistic creativity!

I never ever want to lose that sense of wonder!


I wanted this class to be all about curiosity…daily wondering, daily creating…in a variety of ways. It makes me so happy to share ideas on how to use these supplies we have (supplies we have been collecting!), in unexpected ways. I wanted to create projects that wouldn’t take huge blocks of time, but that would spark our creativity…whether it was with pencils, pens, colored pencils, charcoal sticks, graphite, acrylic, even embroidery thread! And I love the process of getting MESSY with supplies, and feeling the freedom to play. Don’t you?


I know we have a lot of choices for online courses these days. And it can be overwhelming to choose. I have been there too. This is a no-pressure class…just fun and play! Because seriously, the world is heavy…can’t we use a little fun and play right now??? 


I hope you will come along with me, to play and be inspired by the love of getting messy too!!!   

Early registration goes until 10pm on March 17th. And class starts on April 17th (I am so excited!).  You will find it on Jeanne Griffin Oliver’s amazing art network!


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