My Online Classes

I am so excited to announce…that my newest online class went LIVE in August! And it has been incredible!

It is called The Expressive Line, and it is inspired by the art of Egon Schiele. Would you like to find out more??? Click on the photo below, for more info. I would LOVE to see you in class!!!




I am one of the teachers for LET’S FACE IT 2019!


This awesome ONE YEAR class started in January of 2019, but it is not too late to join us! Go to the website now to learn more! My first mini lesson is UP, and it all all about drawing van Gogh!

I  also taught a class on Jeanne Oliver’s network in 2018, called Quirky Characters, which gives you permission to play with faces! It will soon be available on this website!

It was so much fun to draw these lovely ladies!