My Online Classes

So far, I have taught three online stand alone art courses, as well as teaching lessons on a year long art class along with other mixed media artists.


Did you know you can still join The Expressive Line as a self study course inspired by the art of Egon Schiele?

Would you like to find out more??? Click on the photo below, for more info. I would LOVE to see you in class!!!


I am currently teaching on Let’s Face It 2020! I have one mini lesson where we draw portraits with ink, and one main painting lesson, with acrylics. Won’t you join this amazing year long class?

MainSquare2020Final(4) copy


I also taught for LET’S FACE IT 2019!


This awesome ONE YEAR class started in January of 2019 and is now a self study course. Go to the website now to learn more! My first mini lesson is all about drawing van Gogh!


I have also taught two classes on Jeanne Oliver’s network, which are now self study courses.

The Curious Artist delves into all the fun stuff…drawing with graphite, ink, charcoal, collage play, painting, and even stitching!



And Quirky Characters was my very first class…all about letting loose with drawing portraits!

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